NOTICE: As of April 29th, New York State has announced that all New York State vaccination sites will be available for walk-ins. No appointment required. I'd like to personally thank everyone who helped made this project possible. 

We understand that you may have many questions regarding our program. If you have any questions, please email me at my personal email: noahlikaa@gmail.com


How does it work?
After receiving your submission of our form and process it by the order as they come in. Once we get to you, which can take a few days, we will work to find an appointment that is anywhere from 0-3 weeks, depending on your request. Once your appointment is created, you will receive a confirmation from us and also your ticket from the NYS Health Department.

Who is allowed to submit a request?
As of April 6th, everyone in New York who is above the age of 16 is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine.

We prioritize individuals who are over the age of 65+ and/or have an underlying condition that is at risk to COVID-19.

If you're eligible for a vaccine, you may request us to make an appointment at the early convenience for you if you're having trouble making one here: https://forms.gle/5V3UhxXigvG4zXhH8

Why are you asking for my healthcare information?
The Official New York State COVID-19 Vaccination appointment form requires information about health care. By law, the vaccine is free of cost to you. We delete ALL of your information after your appointment is booked.

Is my form submission deleted after my appointment is booked?
Yes! Almost all of your information is deleted. We only keep your name and screening questions in our Google Sheet in the event we need to recover them. Your healthcare information is deleted, along with your address, phone number and email. We never share or sell any of your information. The only time we share/use your information is to ONLY make your appointment. Obviously, your information is submitted to NYS Health Department as it is required to make an appointment.

How can I withdraw my request?
We totally understand why you might be interested in canceling your request. We will never ask why, and we will delete your information as soon as possible. To request a cancelation, please email me at noahlikaa@gmail.com